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In 1912 when the Imperial Capital was moved from Calcutta to Delhi and as some compensation to Bengal the Lieutenant-Governor with Council gave place to a Governor with a Council thus completing the circle and reverting to the position which had obtained 200 years previously. In 1947 India Achieved independence the title of governor of Bengal remained the same at it is to the present day.

Governors of Bengal (1912-1947)


Assumed charge of office

Lord Carmichael of Skirling
1st April 1912
Earl of Ronaldshay
26th March 1917
Earl of Lytton  
28th March 1922
Sir John Kerr (I.C.S.)
(LordLytton appointed to act as Viceroy.
10th April 1925
Earl of Lytton
6th August 1925
Sir Hugh Stephenson (I.C.S.)
(Lord Lytton granted leave)
10th June 1926
Earl of Lytton
9th October 1926
Sir Stanley Jackson
28th March 1927
Sir Hugh Stephenson (I.C.S.)
(Sir S.Jackson granted leave)
  5th June 1930
Sir Stanley Jackson   21st September 1930
Sir John Anderson   29th March 1932
Sir John Woodhead (I.C.S.)
(Sir J, Anderson granted leave)
  10th August 1934
Sir John Anderson   2nd December 1934
Lord Brabourne   27th November 1937
Sir Robert Neil Reid (Lord Brabourne appointed to act as ViceRoy)   25th June 1938
Lord Brabourne   24th October 1938
Sir Robert Neil Reid   24th February 1939
Sir John Ackroyd Woodhead   12th June 1939
Sir John Arthur Herbert   18th November 1939
Sir Thomas George Rutherford(Sir John Arthur Herbert granted leave)   6th September 1943
The Right Hon'ble R. G. Casey   22nd January 1944
Sir Henry Twynhan( Rt. Hon'ble R. G. Casey granted leave)   13th September 1945
The Right Hon'ble R. G. Casey   12th October 1945
Sir Frederick John Burrows   19th Feb 1946 to 14th Aug 1947

List of Governors of West Bengal Since Independence
  Name   Assumed charge of office
  Shri Chakravarti Rajagopalachari   15.08.1947
  Dr. Kailash Nath Katju   21.06.1948
  Dr. Harendra Coomar Mookerjee   01.11.1951
  Shrimati Padmaja Naidu   03.11.1956
  Shri Dharma Vira   01.06.1967
  Shri Shanti Swarup Dhawan   19.09.1969
  Shri Anthony Lancelot Dias   21.08.1971
  Shri Tribhuvan Narayan Singh   06.11.1977
  Shri Bhairab Datt Pande   12.09.1981
  Shri Anant Prasad Sharma   10.10.1983
  Shri Uma Shankar Dikshit   01.10.1984
  Professor Saiyid Nurul Hasan   12.08.1986
  Shri T. V. Rajeshwar   02.03.1989
  Professor Saiyid Nurul Hasan   07.02.1990
  Shri K. V. Raghunatha Reddy   14.08.1993
   Dr. A. R. Kidwai   27.04.1998  
  Justice Shri Shyamal Kumar Sen   18.05.1999  
  Shri Viren J. Shah   04.12.1999 
  Shri Gopalkrishna Gandhi   14.12.2004 
  Shri M. K. Narayanan     24.01.2010
  Shri Keshari Nath Tripathi     24.07.2014